Installation of Gate Control

SolarTronics assists you in the design and installation of your gate control systems.

Comprehensive Gate Control Systems

At SolarTronics, we pride ourselves on the excellent service and quality products that we offer to each client.

We design and install a comprehensive gate control system that meets your exact specifications and needs.

Our single gate control systems come with a positive locking shaft and a variety of features.

Gate controllers that function as per your orders


Technologically Advanced Gate Controllers

At SolarTronics, we distribute technologically advanced control systems for both residential and commercial properties. Our gate kits are available in solar, 240 volt and low volt and they all carry 2 fully charged batteries to ensure a long-lasting and uninterrupted experience. We provide a 2 year Return-to-Factory warranty on our products.

Residential and commercial gate access systems


Why Choose Our Gate Controllers?

  • 2 year warranty and after care servicing
  • Single gates with positive locking shaft
  • Wide range of options and features
  • Drive unit of 24 volts: fast opening and trouble-free
  • Designed for Australian conditions (mainly rural areas)

For more information about our products

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