Remote Control - Open/Close

The Remote Control enables you to remotely open/close the gate from your car, truck, tractor, house etc. When pressed, will open the gate if closed or close the gate if partially open or fully open.

Auto Close/Open

The Auto Close /Open feature is selected from an External switch under the control box. In the "AUTO" position the gate will automatically close and lock after the gate timer times out. In the "OPEN"position the gate will remain open until the "AUTO/OPEN" switch is switched back to "AUTO", this allows you to open the gate for special occassions or open the gate in the morning and close in the evening etc.

Solar Panel

Solar panel provide year round power to maintain a full charge in 2 x 12 volt batteries. A solar regulator regulates the battery charge rate to prevent overcharging which would shorten the life of the battery considerably.

Gate Close Timer

The gate close timer is adjustable from a few seconds to approximately 2 minutes. The timer automatically closes and locks the gate after it has timed out.

Positive Gate Lock

The positive gate lock provides a strong secure way of locking the gate so that it cannot be opened without using one of the electrical/electronic controls such as a remote control, or various visitor buttons.

Heavy Duty 24 volt DC Drive Unit

The drive unit is a heavy duty, metal geared unit, powered by a 24 volt DC motor to provide additional power and reliability The metal gears and 24 volt DC motor will provide you with exceptional gate opening power and many years of trouble free service. The drive has a very fast opening time - approx 12-13 secs.

Emergency Gate Release

In an emergency the gate can be disabled and opened by using a key to unlock the drive unit, then disengage the motor from the drive gears. This may be useful for people such as the CFA who require access to your property in times of an emergency.

Obstruction Detection

Should the gate open or close with an obstacle in the way the obstruction detection will stop the gate and return the gate to its original position (open or closed) so that the obstacle can be removed. When the gate is clear again you only need to press the gate open button again to continue opening/closing the gate.

Double Gates

Double gate systems can be installed that require only the one control box and solar panel with two heavy duty drive units - one for each gate. To install a double gate system it will require a cable to be run under the driveway from the control box to the opposite gate drive unit.

240 Volt and Low Voltage System

A 240 volt system can also be installed that requires 240 volt to be wired to the gate and eliminates the need for a solar panel. This system also utilises 2 x 12 volt batteries which maintains power for the gate should there be a power blackout.

Alternately, a low voltage (24 volt DC) power source connected to 240 volt power in a remote building can be connected back to the gate controller. The cable running from 240 volt power to the gate can be installed by non qualified persons and attached to a fence or placed in a shallow trench.


Low Voltage System

Low voltage can be run from a nearby 240 volt source eg. shed/house to power the gate controller. A low voltage cable powers the gate controller from this source. This system also utilises 2 x 12 volt batteries.

Solar Power Regulator

A solar regulator is standard on all kits to protect batteries from overcharging. A solar regulator will extend the life of the batteries by several years.


Two batteries are provided for solar and 240 volt systems that on fully charged batteries will give 500- 600 gate openings on a single gate, without any solar activity.

Soft Stop

The gate closing can be programmed to Soft Stop as it arrives at its closed position.

Pedestrian Access

The Open/Close button on your remote, if pressed when gate is opening or closing, will stop the gate and leave the gate partially open to allow pedestrian access and prevent vehicles from entering. The gate will remain in this position until a gate open button is pressed again to close the gate.

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